Not all of the songs here are played on dobro, some are played on regular acoustic guitars. I play both solo and as part of the Mary Parry Trio, around Southern Hampshire and Dorset.

Time Gone By

My version of this beautiful Jerry Douglas number with dobro, acoustic guitar and bass.

Joe's Jig

This is not actually a jig, I think it's a hornpipe but 'hornpipe doesn't alliterate with "Joe'. Played on my lap-dobro.

Dobro Joe

Roughly based upon Furry Lewis's version of 'Poor Boy, long way from home'. Played bottleneck on my Dobro.

Mean Old World

Considering the general state of things at the moment, “Mean Old World” (by T-Bone Walker) seems very appropriate. I am more used to playing this on my electric jazz box and it’s a bit of a challenge on an acoustic.

If I Had the Blues

The full title of this composition is "If I had The Blues (I'd probably play something like this)".

Sleep Walk

This is my favorite records of all time from Santo and Johnny Farina (1959), Played on my Weissenborn acoustic lap steel

Cindy's Crying

This gritty song is from Tom Paxton and tells of a 'woman of the street' who has a drug problem

San Antonio Rose

From Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. Played on my Weissenborn lap steel.